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Zephyr 12.6

Evolution of Performance

  • PERFECT FOR: Performance Touring, Fishing, Daylong expedition
  • DIMENSIONS: 12'6" X 30"
  • BOARD WEIGHT: 29 lbs
  • FIN SETUP: 10"Single
  • DECK PLUG SETUP: Front / Back

    The 2018 ZEPHYR is the evolution of Performance Touring, bringing together Stability, Durability and Speed to create a harmonious rider experience. Refining the construction process and design of the ZEPHYR since its inception in 2009, has led to the lightest weight and most responsive model yet. The volume of the ZEPHYR provides pack mule capacity for gearing up for a long paddle down the coast or perching your pup up front for some relaxing sightseeing. Don't be fooled by the trademark Tahoe SUP rugged aesthetics, our R&D team also has a twisted need for speed, so everyone from recreational paddler to fitness freak will enjoy the acceleration.
    Extra comfort handle and full EVA pad
    Front/Rear Deck Plugs
    Piercing displacement hull
    Recessed standing area