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Tarpon 130X

Sleek, speedy, and exceptionally stable.

  • LENGTH: 13' / 396 CM
  • WIDTH: 32" / 81 CM
  • WEIGHT: 72 LBS. / 33 KG
  • CAPACITY: 375 LBS. / 170 KG
  • DECK HEIGHT: 16" / 41 CM

    Building upon the heritage of the revered Tarpon, the craft that pioneered kayak fishing, the Tarpon 130X maintains a sleek, speedy, and exceptionally stable platform with modern shaping and abundant feature upgrades such as the versatile Flex Pod OS, allowing for storage, electronic and propulsion opportunities with Helix MD Motor Drive compatibility. The ultra-comfortable AirPro LITE seat features a new slide-on-track system for increased fore/aft trimming while maintaining all of the comfort features found and loved in the AirPro MAX seat.
    Rudder Ready
    Rigid Carry Handle
    Self-Bailing Tankwell w/ Bungee
    Rear SlideTrax Accessory System
    AirPro LITE Seating System
    Paddle Groove w/ Bungee
    Front SlideTrax Accessory System
    Transducer Scupper
    Keepers XL Foot Brace System
    Self-Bailing Scupper Holes
    Oval Orbix Bow Hatch Bin
    Paddle Park
    Rigid Carry Handle
    Removable Utility Pod Cover
    Round Orbix Hatch Been