The most user friendly kayaks. Very stable, easy to get in and out of, self-bailing. These are great for summer paddling as you are most likely to get wet.

These kayaks give you shelter from the wind & water, which keeps you warm & dry. They are great for paddlers who want to get out when the water is cooler.

These kayaks are usually wider, providing the angler with a stable platform while fishing. They come outfitted with accessories like rod holders etc. Paddle, or pedal driven models are available.

These kayaks are for paddling on open water. Day touring kayaks for shorter excursions & overnight trips. These kayaks have as many as three storage hatches and are usually 12' to 15' long.

These kayaks are usually longer & have more carrying capacity, making them the choice for longer trips and open water paddling. They can have as many as four storage hatches and are usually over 15' long.

These kayaks are usually short, under 11' long. Used in moving water like rivers, rapids, and surf. They generally do not carry much gear but some models do have storage.

SUP boards are usually 9' long to 14' long & can be used for touring, racing, surfing, white water and yoga. Great exercise and lots of fun.

Canoes generally come in sizes from 12' to 18' long. They are great for recreational paddling, wilderness tripping, racing, white water paddling & fishing.