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Paddlecraft 11

The stability that a true beginner needs

  • PERFECT FOR: Performance Touring, Family, Fishing, Yoga, Rentals, Daylong expedition
  • WEIGHT: 30 pounds
  • FIN SETUP: 10" Single
  • DECK PLUG SETUP: Front / Back
  • MAX CAPACITY: 300 lbs.

    Innovation and Function have been at the core of the Tahoe SUP mission since day one and the PADDLECRAFT brings them perfectly together. The patented thermoSUP construction process creates a level of durability and capacity that the standup paddleboard industry has been seeking. Combined with the stability that a true beginner needs, a design that provides an efficient glide and superior tracking, the PADDLECRAFT checks all the boxes from recreational paddling to yoga board and fishing vessel to cooler caddy.
    Displacement Hull
    Front and Rear Deck Plugs
    Full Grip Comfort Handle
    Durable Construction