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Kinetic 100 Hydrolite

Sporty, nimble and versatile and now available in our state-of-the-art, ultra-lightweight polyethylene construction.

  • LENGTH: 310 cm / 10'
  • WIDTH: 74 cm / 29"
  • WEIGHT: 18 kg / 198 lbs
  • CAPACITY: 140 kg / 310 lbs

    Our Hydrolite Edition brings the pinnacle of advanced, lightweight, polyethylene construction to our flagship Kinetic 100 design, creating a superior kayak which handles better both on and off the water. By carefully optimising our mould tools, our production cycles, our materials and our cooling process we have been able to shave nearly 20% from the weights of our standard Kinetic 100: a design which perfectly bridges the gap between touring and beach play, giving you the freedom to explore the water however you want.
    fully adjustable skeg system
    24cm Kajaksport hatch
    adjustable footrests
    15cm day hatch
    new hybrid c hull-form
    paddle keeper