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Kinetic 100

Sporty, nimble, and versatile. The kinetic 100 is a true all-rounder that loves everything you throw at it!

  • LENGTH: 310 cm / 10'
  • WIDTH: 74 cm / 29"
  • WEIGHT: 22 kg / 48 lbs
  • CAPACITY: 140 kg / 310 lbs

    Perfectly bridging the gap between touring and beach play, the Kinetic gives you the freedom to explore the water however you want. Our new hybrid 'c' hull form blends the best attributes of our dynamic and exciting Pulse models with the graceful glide, increased paddling efficiency, and versatile storage options found in our flagship Prophecy touring range.
    fully adjustable skeg system
    24cm Kajasport hatch
    adjustable footrests
    15cm day hatch
    new hybrid 'c' hull-form
    paddle keeper